To make things a bit more clear for everyone: here you can find the submissions that have been send in till now. We’ve put them in order of most votes to less votes.

Check the bottom of the list for the new submissions!

Stay Tuned is a project by PAMMM! blog

#1. ‘Animals’ by Beata Wilczek

#2. ‘ELLE’ by Lucia Gulminelli

#3. ‘Lagunas y pausas’ by Ibán Ramón

#4. ‘Youth’ by Leah Bernhardt

#5. ‘Daydreams of Strangers’ by Gordon Meuleman

#6. ‘Valentina Gruer’ by Effemme Studio

#7. ‘The Use of a Muse’ by Lotte van Raalte

#8. ‘Samira’ by Elizaveta Porodina

#9. ‘Desolate’ by Lucia Willems Ramirez

#10. ‘Summer Holidays’ by Sam Stockman

#11. ‘The Disposable peoples of Johannesburg’ by MJ Turpin

#12. ‘Friends’ by Anabel Navarro

#13. ‘The Loneliness of Being’ by Yolanda Lodeiro

#14. ‘Intimate places’ by Maurizio Strippoli

#15. ‘The Garden of Muses’ by Kir Esadov

# 16. ‘Shapes’ by Anouk de l’Ecluse

#17. ‘Untitled Portraits’ by Pauline Magnenat

#18. ‘Same girl’ by Jordi Huisman

#19. ‘Ivan and the moon’ by Daria Tuminas

#20. ‘SJA’ by Kevin Hsia

#21. ‘Trace’ by Carla Tramullas

#22. The Quintessential Dutch Brown Café’ by Jeniece Primus *NEW*

#23. ‘Lost Angels’ by Daniel Jacques *NEW*

#24. ‘C’ by Nathalie Hennis *NEW*

#25. ‘Son’ by Ania Onopiuk *NEW*



  1. This should be updated.

  2. Will the final results be counted as being the total amount of votes (as done in the “most popular content” function), or will the total votes be a calculation of the amount of votes “for” and “against” ? i.e. 21 votes “for” and 11 votes “against” equals a total of 10 votes.

    btw: why is there even an option to vote against, if people don’t like the work, can’t they just not vote?

  3. Hi Bob,

    The final results will be counted as being the most positive votes. The ‘negative’ votes are because of two reasons:
    1. There is no option in this ‘voting app’ to only give a positive vote;
    2. When two photographers end up on the same amount of positive votes, then we are going to look at the amount of negative ones to be decisive (if these two photographers end up on #1).

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