‘The Quintessential Dutch Brown Café’ by Jeniece Primus

By shirtsandpepper

February 4, 2011

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‘The Quintessential Dutch Brown Café’ by Jeniece Primus

You creak through the old wooden door and into the Tungsten. Here men sit, clinking glasses together in chairs warmed since Rembrandt’s time. They joke and bluster, sociably drunk on the amber beer. Look around you at what time has wrought. Every wooden surface in the room has been smoked–no less thoroughly than the sausages being eaten by the fat fellow in the corner there. The floors, ceiling, and the bar with its shiny taps and unpronounceable labels are profound in their brownness. Mankind’s centuries-long love of tobacco made clear here. Welcome to my muse: the quintessential Dutch brown café.

[click on the images for a larger view]

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4 Responses to “‘The Quintessential Dutch Brown Café’ by Jeniece Primus”

  1. Stunning work, Jeniece!

  2. Wonderful collection Jeniece! I want to make sure I voted correctly. Am I to simply click the thumbs up sign?

  3. Thank you very much! Yes, I believe the thumbs-up will do it 🙂

  4. Contemporary masterpieces that truly capture Rembrant’s light, Vermeer’s colors, Ruben’s tactile strength, along with Jeniece Primus’ uncanny ability to savour the sounds, and smells comforting the interesting patrons of these quintessential Dutch brown cafes. Outstanding work!

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