‘C’ by Nathalie Hennis

By shirtsandpepper

February 4, 2011

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‘C’ by Nathalie Hennis

When I made a serie about Andy Warhol’s Muse, Edie
It made me think about who my source of inspiration was.
Easy, it had to be C…

Most of my early work is with her.
She inspired me to create my own style.
The painting, tearing, cutting actually began because of something she went through.
I had to express it in my own way.

In this serie I want to share with you, how beautiful and diverse C is.

[click on the images for a larger view]

Vote here for this submission if you want Nathalie Hennis to win the public prize:

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Stay Tuned is a project by PAMMM! blog


5 Responses to “‘C’ by Nathalie Hennis”

  1. Best series of this whole competition.

  2. Gorgeous, i love it!

  3. great work!

  4. I really like Natalie’s classy/ cool and sopphisticated photo-fit images. They’ree reminiscent of a few of my favourite artists e.g. Warhol, Poalozzi, Peter Blake etc… they’re obviously more fashion than art related and have potential for development for a wide range of design applications.

    Good luck with the competition.

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