‘Youth’ by Leah Bernhardt

By shirtsandpepper

January 21, 2011

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‘Youth’ by Leah Bernhardt

My “muse” is anything to do with teenage youth. From the crappy cars we drive to parties in, to teenage love, to the shennanigans we get ourselves into only because we’re bored. All around just the confusion and happiness of highscool.

[click on the images for a larger view]

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5 Responses to “‘Youth’ by Leah Bernhardt”

  1. not really good pictures.
    quite strange it’s so high in the ranks.

    • Uhhh have you seen the crap called “Animals”? Yeah they’re great. Definitely suitable for a PHOTOGRAPHY competition.

      • yeah, i saw it and don’t call it crap, dude.
        much better than these shitty chillwave gay pics.

    • These pictures are great. Troll’s be trollin’, I suppose.

  2. Great pictures! I wonder why you don’t have over 3,000 yet? O.o

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