‘Desolate’ by Lucia Willems Ramírez

By shirtsandpepper

January 21, 2011

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‘Desolate’ by Lucia Willems Ramírez

These places have in common that they have been forgotten by society. Places that used to have a function to mankind, but are now left to deteriorate and be taken over by nature. They are leftovers from a time passed by. In these desolated and decayed buildings a new form of beauty emerges. To me this seems to be a tragic beauty. New patterns, structures and decorations are formed by lack of use and maintenance. This is what I try to capture.

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One Response to “‘Desolate’ by Lucia Willems Ramírez”

  1. Me parecen unas naturalezas muertas y bodegones excelentes, encuadrados con mucho criterio creativo porque comunican soledad y abandono que conmueve… ¡Me llegan!

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