‘Daydreams of Strangers’ by Gordon Meuleman

By shirtsandpepper

January 19, 2011

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‘Daydreams of Strangers’ by Gordon Meuleman

Strangers, all drifted away in their own sea of thoughts. A memory of a lost friend or that summer where she met true love. Reminiscing the past or gazing at tomorrow. It is in these little moments we show our true emotions. And around the world, those are my muses. The daydreams of strangers.

[click on the images for a larger view]

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12 Responses to “‘Daydreams of Strangers’ by Gordon Meuleman”

  1. just nice to relax, and daydream. as they say in england a penny for your thougths.

  2. Serously Professional Talent spotted. Beautiful pics with a story!!

    Keep up the wonderful art work.


  3. Wow Gordon, compliments xx

  4. Well done Gordon !
    Nice story, and even nicer pic,s !!

  5. To sleep perchance to dream.

    Great pics

  6. Eeeeeyyyyyy, Don Gordon, dat is mooi! Vooral doorgaan!

  7. waar is mijn shot dude!!! you know im a dreamer

  8. great work gordon keep going!!!!!

  9. Well done, this is amazing x

  10. Wow guys, last few days of voting and you guys helped me reach a staggering 1200 votes. I’m astonished at these numbers. This means a lot to me and is truly, deeply humbling and am amazed at the support. THANK ALL OF YOU THAT VOTED! I might not win this competition through amount of votes but ‘F’ that! The amount of votes already makes me feel like I’ve won. And if not through this competition, I promise that my expo will happen this year and you are all invited!!! Thanks again guys!

  11. well done son, its not the winning, but taking part. good luck. dad.

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